How to Fundraise & Dip

How to Fundraise & Dip

  1. Register and customize your donation page- it’s easy!
    As a fundraiser, your registration fee has been waived! Just go to, and click on “I want to fundraise and dip!” to get started. We do ask, however, that you consider making a donation on your own page, once you have it set up, in lieu of registration.
  2. Set a fundraising goal!
    In keeping with the 11’s theme, we are encouraging all fundraisers to set a goal of $1100- However, feel free to blow that goal out of the bathwater!
  3. Make two lists, check them twice!
    - Make a list of all the people you would like to ask to sponsor you in your dip- friends, family, coworkers… the sky is the limit!
    - Make a list of people you would like to challenge to do the dip after you. These should be people who are likely to do the dip and raise some funds in the process- you may want to check in with them first!
  4. Post what you are doing to your social networking pages, send emails and get as many donations as you can over the next 11 days!
    - You have 11 days to garner as many donations as you can. Email, tag and call the people on your list. Every dollar raised means support for safe homes and programming for women and kids exiting trafficking.
    - The registrant who raises the most money by Jan 11, 2021 will receive the grand prize! There will also be weekly prizes drawn for all the fundraisers!
  5. At the end of your 11 days, post a video on social media of yourself that includes:
    - You introducing yourself, why you are doing the dip and one fact about human trafficking
    - You actually doing the dip for 11 seconds in your icy cold bathtub full of freezing water and ice
    - You challenging friends to do the dip.
  6. Finally, make sure your friends know they have been challenged!
    The torch has been passed! Now it’s your turn to watch your friends raise funds and do their own ice dip- from the comfort of your cozy living room. Enjoy the fruits of your labour: more freedom and awareness for all!

Just a few reminders!!

Use the hashtag #11SecondIceDip (and tag CalgaryIcebreaker) in all your social media posts, so we can track you and cheer you on!

Join the 11SecondIceDip Facebook group, make your video public and post it there so we can all share the fun!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to
or call Jill at 403-835-3829, or Mel at 403-875-5111

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By participating in the 11SecondIceDip, you are assuming all risks associated with this activity and agree not to hold the SA Foundation liable for any injury caused by your participation. We highly recommend a second watch person at your dip.

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