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Kelsey Plett Team Mahogany Summer Lovin!

Our team includes:

Ken Jackson

Julie Cobb

Shane Abel

Evan Spencer

Anna Spencer

Kelsey Plett

Jill Plett

We are nervous about the jump but so happy to support such a worthy cause.  We are raising funds as a team, so if you would like to support any of the above mentioned dipsters in this endeavour, this is the place to donate!



Donate to: Kelsey Plett

Micheline Maes

I like the idea of making a difference and there is nothing better than doing it with a never-to-be-forgotten dip to ring in a new year!

I would love to see you sponsor this cause…..make it happen! You have the power. $1,000 is my goal. Your turn to click the sponsor button.

Donate to: Micheline

Sandra Nielsen

My third dip! This year, I get to dip with a few of my close friends who believe in making positive impact in our world.  So proud of these girls for taking the plunge and making a strong statement opposed to slavery and trafficking.  Our goal is to jointly raise $1000 towards the cause.

Donate to: Sandra

Jeremy Yule

To support the fight to end the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of women and children.


Donate to: Jeremy

Breaker Bear

Donate to: Breaker

Tim Kirby

Helping others and cold water. Combining 2 of my favourite things.

Donate to: Tim

Tim Kirby

Helping others and cold water. Combining 2 of my favourite things.

Donate to: Tim

Madeline Maes

As someone who is passionate about women and children, especially when they are going through significant transition phases in their lives, I’ve noticed how great of an impact abuse (sexual, physical, and emotion) has on how hard these changes can be on a person. Abuse is about power, and my goal is to help take that power away from the perpetrators and give it back to the victims and survivors. I am doing the Icebreaker to help raise awareness to the fact that human trafficking is happening in our backyard and we have the ability to end it.

Donate to: Madeline

Michael Sidarose

At the age of four, I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), that caused the loss of my sight. As a visually impaired person, I have always had to advocate for my rights to be treated as an equal. Despite this, I have been able to complete a BA, obtain my paralegal licence from the Law Society of Upper Canada and participate in the community by being a volunteer. By participating in the Icebreaker, I believe that I am providing my voice for those who are not able to speak for themselves. I hope that through my small gesture, it will create a ripple affect to end the cruel practice of human trafficking.

Donate to: Michael

Ross Weaver & Bernie Potvin :Team Old Guys in Action

We are co-founders of Old Guys in Action and the Calgary Icebreaker Polar Dip. This is our 9th Icebreaker. With 45 million people living in slavery today we are fully committed to doing it again and again to raise awareness and funds for the SA Foundation and its programs for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Please help us! Make a stand by donating; and/or joining us January 1 in, as a fellow Dipster puts it, “doing something really stupid for a great cause!”

Donate to: Ross Weaver & Bernie Potvin
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